Most common answers 'WHY' I have a Login Issues.

Listed below are the three most common reasons why your login failed! 

1. When OPENING a form I get LOGGED-OUT

This is caused by the Content Adviser setting within Internet Explorer

1.  From within Internet Explorer click on the Tools menu at the top of the screen and then on Internet Options.

2.  Click on the Content tab as shown below.

3.  If the button, circled above, is on Disable, click on it to disable the Content Adviser.
This may require a password if one had been previously set.

For detailed instructions click this link: (from Microsoft)

B. I get Login "Expired"-when I try to LOGIN

This can be caused by a cookie issue which we are working to resolve. In the mean time, try:
1. deleting the cookies, from the General tab of the Internet Options screen (for Internet Explorer) or from the Privacy tab of the Options screen (for Firefox).
2. using a different browser. Google Chrome works best. 


C. I get-COOKIE failure message

I receive a message that "cookies are not enabled".  This is due to a "broken" cookie.

   1.  From within Internet Explorer go to Tools>Internet Options and click on the Privacy tab.
   2.  Click, the Advanced button.
3. The settings should appear as in the example below:


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