MAC-Form buttons don't work

MAC-Form buttons don't work

The latest versions of the Mac OS don't fully support Adobe Reader. You will need to use the formsRus Forms Editor.

To change to the formsRus editor, follow the instructions:

How to change the Forms Editor

If you have an older Mac, try the instructions below:

1. the forms open BUT the buttons do not work!

1. You don't have the Reader installed and its is viewing the forms in Preview. 

2. To get Adobe Reader, use the "back" buttons in Safari to go back to our "Blue Login" page!
Right below where you enter your password is a button "Get Acrobat Reader" 

2. If you have Adobe Reader BUT the forms do not open?

1.   Open the Adobe Reader.

2.   Go to Adobe Reader menu (to the right of the Apple menu) and select Preferences.

3.   Select Internet from the list of catagories on the left.


4.   Make sure there is a checkmark next to Display PDF in Browser. Click OK and quit out of Reader 

5.   Log back into the Online forms and try again.

NOTE: Newer MAC's do not come with Reader.

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