How to Delete Saved Forms!
How to Delete saved forms and files?

   STEP 1:  On the Saved Folders page, open the appropriate folder and, locate the form(s) you would like to Delete.

   STEP 2a: For single forms, select Delete from the Actions menu.

   STEP 2b: For multiple forms, select the forms by checking the box to the left of the form description to move the forms into your queue. 

   STEP 3: Then click on the "Process Queue" button.  If you clicked the Process Queue button, select Delete Files in the dialog box.



   STEP 4: Click on the DELETE ALL of the Selected Document(s) button.


NOTE: Be careful before deleting forms and documents. THERE IS NO UNDO!

Once you have deleted the all the files in a folder, you can click on the Manage Folders button and delete the folder. All empty folders that can be deleted will have red delete buttons on the left. 

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