How to Add and Edit Clauses
How to Add and Edit Clauses

NOTE: The purpose of the clauses is to add pre-created text to the fill-in fields. It can not add text to the pre-existing background of the form.

You can now create and edit custom clause that you can add to a field, to reduce the need to constantly retype commonly used text. You can access the Add Clause page from the My Profile menu or from the Tools menu when you are in a form (if you are using the On-line Forms Editor). 
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1. The Add Clause page allows you  to add and delete clauses, search clause by Name, Number, and Text, and edit existing clauses. From this window you can set the number of clauses shown on a page and go to different pages (if you have more than 1).

2. To Add a clause:

     a. click on the Add Clause button;
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    b. enter a clause number and title;
    c. type in the text or copy and paste from an existing document;
    d. click the Add button.

3. To Edit a clause:
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    a. click on the clause number or name on the Clause page;
    b. make any edits you need to.

4. To Search for a clause:
     a. Select the criteria you wish to search by (Number, Name, or Text)
     b. enter 

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