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Saved Forms and Documents

Note: We are changing the format of the Folders page (formerly Saved Forms and Documents). We are moving to a Menu format rather than a Button format. We feel it is cleaner looking and is more Mobile-device friendly. This page is a supplement to the pop-up help.

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From the Folders menu the user can go to the Saved Folders page, the Manage Folders Page, or the Archived Folders page.

The Saved Folders page allows the user to open and manipulate saved on-line forms, and upload and store other documents (if the Document Storage feature is enabled).


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Saved forms and stored documents are arranged in folders. Folders can be opened to show the forms.
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The user can also view the folders in a list by clicking on the Toggle View button.

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Folders can be sorted 3 ways: Alphabetically, by Date, and Custom. The user can be toggle between the 3 by selecting the one the user want from the drop-down menu.

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When in Custom mode, the user can move the folders around by clicking on the colored bar at the top of the folder and dragging the folder to where the user want it. This allows the user to move currently active folders to the top of the page. The user can also move folder under the Manage Folders screen (See Manage Folders).


 In the List view, in Custom mode, the user can move the folders up or down by dragging on the Up/Down arrows on the right.

The user can create a new folder by clicking on the New Folder icon. The new folder will have a place to enter a name. Once the user have named the folder the user can Create or Cancel. Once created, the folder can be used to upload documents and save forms.


New folders, and folders with newly added files, can be identified by the star icon.

The user can search for specific form names using the Search feature. 

Enter the word or words the user want to search for and click Search Folder Contents. The results of the search will come up on a new page.




Clicking on the folder will open as normal. To return to the Saved Forms & Documents page without opening a folder, click on the Reset button.

Clicking on the Help button brings up a brief description of the Search system.


 NOTE: The search doesn't search for folder names, just the documents in the folder.


Sharing Folders



When the Share Folders button is clicked the Share Folder dialog comes up. The user can then email a link to the folder contents. The user will have the following choices:

1. Not Shared (the default setting) - The contents are not shared;
2. Share w/Password Protection - The content is shared and there is a password. Selecting this will show the password field and the Review and Send a Share E-Mail button;
3. Share (no password) - Only the Review and Send button with show.



Clicking on the Review button will bring up the Review and Email dialog. The user's email from the User Profile will appear in the From field. There will be a default subject and standard email message with the link to the shared contents.

The user will have to enter the recipient's email address, and can change the subject and email message. (NOTE: Changing the link will result in the recipient not being able to access the folder.)

If Share w/Password Protection is selected, the password will be included in the email.

Managing Folders

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Clicking on the Manage Folders button will bring up the Manage Folders page. From here, the user can use the Action menu to:

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1. rename the folder;
2. re-calculate the number of forms in the folder;
3. delete folders.

The user can drag the folders to re-arrange the order of the folders. This will be reflected on the main Folders page.

Forms and Documents (inside a folder)

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To close the folder and return to the list of folders, click on the Close Folder button 

The check box on the far left selects the document and adds it to the Multiple File Action queue. The user will see the number of files in the queue next to the Process Queue button. To remove all documents from the queue, click the Clear button.

The Action menus

Depending on the type of document there will be one of four types of Action Menus. 

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Download will download a copy of the document to the user's computer. If the document is one the user uploaded it will be downloaded in whatever file format it was uploaded in. 

If the document is a form or package, it will be downloaded as a read-only PDF.


For forms and packages, clicking the Edit/View button will open the form and allow the user to fill in, save, and print a form.

Copy & Replace

The Copy & Replace button will make a copy of the form and open up the Auto-fill page. The user can then select what type of agent the user are and then use a client to auto-fill the form, without changing any other filled in text. When the user save the form, the user will be asked if the user want to rename it, and to select the folder to save it into. The copy will be saved, and the original form will not be affected.

This function is useful if the user have a standard form which is always filled in the same. The user can use it to change the client information without changing  the userr standardized text.

Edit Details

For a non-form document, clicking on the Edit Details button will bring up the Details page. The user can see the form name (but not change it) and:



1. add a description of the document;
2. move the document to a different folder;
3. change the security of the document. The security levels are:


    a. Internal Only - not shared by the outside world, but usable by the user when logged in. If the item is in a shared folder, it will not be visible to others. If the form had been emailed previously, changing to Internal only will prevent the recipient from accessing the form again;
    b. Password Protected - if the file is emailed, the document will require a password to open;
    c. Public (no password) - if the folder is shared or the form emailed, no password is required to open the document.

4. If the file is a graphic (.jpg or .png) file, the user will see a thumbnail of the picture. The user can make the picture an icon on the folder by checking "Make this image the userr folder icon". Only 1 image can be used as an icon at a time. 

The security set will override the security set for a shared folder.

View PDF

This button allows the user to view an uploaded PDF file in the userr browser without downloading it. 

If the uploaded file isn't a PDF, this button will not appear


For forms and packages, clicking the Edit/View button will open the form and allow the user to fill in, save, and print a form.

There are many other actions that can be done to forms, including:

1. Email Document emails the form automatically from our system; How to Email a Form
2. Fax Document faxes the form; How to Fax a Form
3. Export Data exports the data on the form to a csv file. (Single Forms and Packages only) How to Export Data;

4. Digitally Sign takes the document into the Settleware Electronic Signing system, allowing the user to have the form electronically signed.
5. Digitally Sign (other) gives the user the choice to sign the form through Docusign (if these features are enabled). (Single Forms and Packages only) How to Digitally Sign Forms;
6. Rename allows the user to change the name of the document. How to Rename a Form; 

7. Copy to Folder allows the user to copy the form to a different folder, leaving the original form in tact. How to Copy Forms;
8. Move to Folder moves a form from one folder to another. How to Move Forms;
9. Copy and Auto-Fill functions the same as the Copy & Replace button.
10. Set Security allows the user to change the security of a form between Internal Only, Public, and Password Protected. This is useful if the user emailed       the form to someone and now want to disable their access to it;
11. Client Read-Only/Editable lets the user change the way a client can handle an emailed form, whether they can change the filled in fields, or just         open, read, and print the form. (Single Forms and Packages only);
12. Delete lets the user delete the document. How to Delete the Form;
13. Split Package allows the user to separate forms from the package. The user will be given a list of forms from which the user may select the forms the user want to copy into a separate package. The user will be able to select if the user want the forms to be copied as individual forms or copied to a different package. The user will be asked to give a new package name. The user will also be give the chance to select the folder the user want the new forms/package saved into. The forms will be copied to the selected folder. The original file will not be affected. (Packages Only);

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14. Compress PDF allows the user to reduce the size of a pdf and to remove any security in the pdf to reduce the likelihood of problems when the document is sent for digital signatures.
15. Split PDF allows the user to separate an uploaded PDF file. The user will be given a chance to select a page range. The pages will be copied into a new PDF file. The original file will not be affected. The user will be given a chance to name the new file and select the folder the user want to save it to. (PDF files Only);

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16. Reorder PDF allows the user to rearrange the pages of a pdf in the event there was a mistake when the document was scanned. The user can drag and drop the pages into the desired order.

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17. Rotate PDF allows the user to rotate the pages of a pdf in the event there was a mistake when the document was scanned.

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The user can use the circling arrows to rotate individual pages or the Rotate All Left and Right buttons to rotate all the pages at once.
18. Edit PDF opens the pdf and allows the user to make changes to the pdf. See How to Edit a PDF.
19. Use as Folder Icon/Remove as Folder Icon lets the user set a graphic file as the folder icon or remove it if it is the icon. The file will be shown on the folder in the Saved Forms and Documents page. (Graphic Files (jpg & png) Only).

The Multiple File Actions menu allows the user to do some of the same functions to all selected files. 

To perform an action on a number of items at the same time the items can be selected by checking the box to the left of the item description. Selected items are put in a Queue. Once the selected items are in the queue, the folder can be closes and another opened. Additional items can be added to the queue so that actions can be taken on items in several folders at the same time.


Once all the items have been selected, either clicking on the Process Queue button or using the Multiple File Actions menu will allow the user to take the desired actions.

Upload New Documents

Clicking on the Upload New Documents button will bring up the dialog to select where to save an uploaded document and a button to bring up a navigation window where the user can select the document upload. The user can also drag and drop files onto the indicated area.


After a certain amount of time, forms will be moved into the Archive. Usually this happens after 1 year, but can vary depending on the Association or owner of the portal.

To access the archive, click on the Archived Files button.
copyright formRus all rights reservedThe Archive page looks similar to the Saved Forms page and can be sorted and viewed in the same way. When the user open a folder from the archive the user get the list of forms that are in the folder. The only options on the Action menu are to Download the form as a pdf, Restore it to the Saved forms page, and View the form.

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