How to Edit a PDF
How to Edit a PDF

Once a pdf has been uploaded the user can now open it and make certain changes. Selecting Edit PDF will bring up a screen similar to the one for filling out a form.

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The user can:

1. Add/Edit Clauses. This brings up the Clause Library with the user can create clauses that they intend to reuse.
2. Load Clauses. This allows the user to select a clause. Once selected they will be asked to draw a text box on the cocument to add the clause to the pdf.
3. Insert Highlight*. This will insert a colored highlight over the area selected by the user. The default color is yellow but the user can change this if desired.
4. Insert Sticky Note. This allows the user to put a non-printing note on the document. When the user selects this and clicks on where they want the note, an icon appears with a box to type the note in.

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When the document is saved and re-opened, there will be a word-balloon icon where the user placed it. When the cursor is put on the icon, a box will appear showing the note. 
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5. Insert Text. The user either clicks at the point they want to start or draws a box around the area they want the text to be in. They can then type text to add to the document. The color, size and font can be changed.
6. Insert Arrow. The user can insert a line with an arrow head into the document. The line size and the color can be changed. Note the arrow is drawn from the tail to the head; the point will be at the place the mouse button is released.
7. Insert Checkmark. This inserts a checkmark where the user clicks. The mark is in a bounding box which can be resized. The color can be changed.
8. Insert Underline.* You can select an area of text to underline. You can change the color of the underline
9. Insert Strikeout.* You can select an area of text and a line will appear through the middle of it. You can change the color of the strikeout. 
10. Insert Whiteout.*  This allows you to select an area of text and put a white box over it to simulate whiting our the text. The box color can not be changed; it is always white.
*These items will not print out. The are present in the saved form only.

Clear Page Markups will clear off all the changes to the current page.
Clear All Markups will clear off all the changes to the entire Document.

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