How to import Clients (Realtor)
How to import clients.

1. Create an Excel file or a comma-separated text file. It is best to follow the format in the examples:

Example Excel File
Example Text/CSV File

To import several units to the same property, repeat the property information (items from the header pProfileName and to the right on the Excel example).

2. In the Client and Properties tab, Click the Import Clients button.
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3. Configure the import. If you use the format in the example the mapping should be set. If not you will have to match your column headers to the appropriate field. You will see all the field on the import file listed on the left. To the right select the field you want to import the information into.

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4. When you are satisfied click the Start Import button on the bottom.

5. When the import is complete you will get an Import Complete screen. You can go to your client list by clicking the button.

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