The Upload Document Button
The Upload Document Button

The Upload Document feature allows you to place a button on the document to be signed that will require the signer to attach documents to the final signed documents. 

NOTE 1: Placing the button on the signed document will REQUIRE the attachment of a document. If the signer doesn't attach a document they will not be able to complete the signing process.

NOTE 2: There is no way to specify which or how many documents need to be attached. This should be communicated to the signer either in the additional message section or via other means.

NOTE 3: The Upload button is specific to a particular signer depending on which email address was selected when it was set up. Make sure you associate the button with the signer who would have the document or documents needed.

A. Setting up the button.
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1. After clicking the Edit Signing Locations button, go to the page you want the button to be on, and click on the Signer Upload button. 

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2. You can drag the button to the location you want it to appear. (NOTE: You can not drag the button, or any other field, from one page to another.)

3. Some suggestions on where to place the button. Remember to give the signer a complete explanation. 
a. At the top of the form
b. At the top of the page where the referenced document is mentioned.
c. Near where the referenced document is mentioned. NOTE: The attachment of a document will result in a "stamp" that may obscure the text under it.

B. What the signer will see.

copyright formRus all rights reserved1. When the signer opens the form to sign they will see a Upload button.copyright formRus all rights reserved

2. When clicked the Attachment box will appear.3. CIicking on the Attach button will bring up a navigation window that will allow the signer to find and select the document(s) they want to attach. Once selected the Open button should be clicked and the documents will be uploaded and the Attachment box will show the upload complete.

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4. Clicking the Close button will return to the document. The Upload button will change to show the names of the documents.
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4. To add additional documents or to delete a document form the list click the Edit Uploads button.
5. NOTE: It is possible to put place multiple Upload buttons on a document. If you do, the signer will have to use ALL THE BUTTONS to attach one or more documents before completing the signing process. Each button can be used to upload a different document. 

C. Retrieving the Signed Documents.
1. Log onto On-Line forms.

2. Put the Mouse on the My Profile tab and select Signature Requests.

3. Click the View Details button to the right of the Request Title.

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4. Click on the Advanced Control Panel button on the bottom left.

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5. Under Signed Documents, click on the Document name.
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6. Click on the name of each uploaded document under the Supplementary files header to download the files to your computer. Once you have downloaded them you can go to the Saved Folders page and upload them to the on-line folder using the Upload New Documents feature.

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