How to send a form for signature by 2 people with 1 email
How To Send a Form for Signature to 2 People who Share an Email Address.

1. After you enter your Request title, enter the names of the two signers and the email address of the 2 signers in the appropriate boxes (Buyer or Seller). The names should be in the same order as they appear on the form. 
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2. The Buyer1/Buyer2 and Seller1/Seller2 fields are set up so that entering the same email address in each will automatically set the 2 signers up as 1st and 2nd signer. 

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3. When the signer receives the email to sign, there will be 2 buttons, a 1st signer and a 2nd signer button. The name entered in the Name field will appear on the button.

4. The first signer should follow the instructions on the email and sign.

5. Once the first signer has signed, the second signer should use their button on the same email to sign. 

NOTE: If the names are put in the wrong order in the set up page, the 1st signer will only be able to sign over the wrong name.  

Once the document is fully signed by all parties, a copy will be put in the folder with the original and a copy will automatically be emailed to the sender and all signers. 

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