Why do I see a black screen when trying to place signature locations on my document?
Issue: On rare occasion, when you upload a PDF document that might have been signed by others using a different e-signing platform, it will show up as a black screen in Settleware when sending it to your clients for digital signature.  You notice the black screen when you click the "Edit Signing Locations" button in formsRus.  This happens due to various security mechanisms used in that document which prevents the Settleware e-signing platform from viewing the document correctly.

Fix: To solve this problem, go into the Saved Folder where you uploaded this document and click on the "Actions" menu next to it.  From that menu, select the "Compress PDF" option and compress the PDF.  Our system will make a "compressed" copy of this file and you'll now see it in your folder along with the original file you uploaded.  Send the "Compressed" version of the file for e-signing and it will view and work properly.
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