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To write an offer go to
TAB: CLIENTS (adding new clients)
1.Click on the tab “Clients” at the top of the page, then click the “Add New Client” button and complete information for “Property” tab (the “Contract Date” is NOT the closing date)
2.Click on the tab “Buyer 1” and “Buyer 2” or “Seller 1” and “Seller 2” and add clients name, cell phone, email, and at the top under “Client Names” you can input both the husband & wife’s name (i.e. Paul & Steph Client)
3.Click “Save Client” when finished
TAB: FOLDERS (setting up client folders)
4.Under “Folders” then “Manage Folders” or “Saved Folders”and click “Create New Folder” and type the name of your folder (buyer or seller – last name – address) in “Create New Folder”
TAB: FORMS (to create a NEW document package)
5.Click on the tab “Forms,” then click “Create New Package” to create a new package of forms, by clicking the forms you want to add to the package, entering a name, and clicking “Save Package”
TAB: FORMS (to use an already EXISTING document package)
6.Click on an existing package, by clicking the 3 lines to the far left and select “Auto Fill Pkg,” then select Buyer or Seller agent, then click “Use Client”
7.Click “File” then “Save” and select your folder and name package (Client Last Name 01 – initial paperwork)
TAB: FOLDERS (uploading & editing your own PDF documents)
8.Under “Folders” then “Saved Folders” and click on the correct folder
9.To upload new docs, click “Upload New Documents,” select the correct folder and click “Choose Files to Upload”
10.To edit the new documents by adding text, click the 3 lines to the far left and select “Edit PDF,” then click on“Tools” at the top of the next page then “Insert Text”
11.When finished click “File,” then “Save PDF” then click “EXIT”
TAB: FOLDERS (1 document = creating signatures & initials to be sent to clients)
12.Click the 3 lines to the far left and select “Digitally Sign” then click “Use Client” for the client, then skip to #15
TAB: FOLDERS (multiple documents = creating signatures & initials to be sent to clients)
13.Select multiple documents or packages by clicking the box to the left of the 3 lines and click “Process Queue”
14.On the next menu select “Digitally Sign” then click “Use Client” for the client you want to use
15.At the top of the page, you can reorder how you want the documents to be signed
16.On the far left, under “Sender Information & Options,” type in a title for the email to clients in the area called “Request Title” (for example “Client Last Name 01 - initial paperwork” or “Client Last Name 02 - additional paperwork”) and type in any message to the clients in the area titled “Message to Signers”
17.Further down in the “Signature Style” area,it is best to leave everything with the default settings.
18.If you want to make sure you sign before you clients, click Use Signing Order
19.Click “Use My Profile” for either the “Buyer 1 Agent” or “Seller 1 Agent” and type the other agents information NOTE: If there is no place for the agent to sign on the form, do not add your email address or name.
20.For signing order, be sure to make you (Agent) the first signer, then the client is second signer.
21.Select your documents, then click “Submit to Verify and Edit Signing Locations” and it will take time to process
22.For each document, click “Edit Signing Locations” to add signatures, initials, date, etc. to the forms and contracts
23.When finished editing all documents, click “Invite Signers” to send the documents to your clients to be signed and initialed. NOTE: if you are an agent and there is no place for you to sign on the document, it will still make you sign and it will be on another separate page
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