How to use Digital Signatures

Click the link below for more information and FAQs on Digital Signatures.

Click here for help with Settleware/formsRus E-Signing for the built-in default e-signing solution from Settleware and  This training document is a step-by-step document including "Screenshots".


Click here to Get Started with formsRus and Electronic Signatures for a detailed step-by-step guide for submitting your forms and other documents out for e-signatures.  This training document does NOT include "Screenshots", but is very descriptive and accurate.

This is a video explaining how to use the Digital Signatures.

DocuSign Integration is also available upon request.  You must first have your own DocuSign account, then formsRus can help you connect your formsRus account to your DocuSign account which allows you to send your completed forms directly into DocuSign to be electronically signed.

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